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Everything you need to know


What do I need to bring to class?

For CUBZ: comfy clothes, drink bottle and an accompanying adult.

For KONGA: yoga mat, sweat towel and drink bottle

For KONGA BURN: pair of 1-2kg dumbbells, booty band, yoga mat, sweat towel and drink bottle

For GETLOW: pair of 1kg dumbbells, sweat towel and water bottle

Can I still attend classes if I'm pregnant?

As long as your doctor or obstetrician is happy for you to continue doing this kind of exercise, then yes! I will help you make modifications as your pregnancy progresses to keep you and your bump safe.

Come along to GETLOW if possible, as it is already low-impact with bump-friendly movements.

I'm uncoordinated, will I be able to keep up?

Don't worry, our moves are simple and easy to follow. We use a unique formula that ensures you leave class feeling like Beyonce.

If you'd prefer to start with a slower paced class, we recommend starting with GETLOW.

How do I book?

No bookings are necessary! Just turn up at the door and pay $14 cash or card. We do have class passes for sale as well which work out a little cheaper per class.

But if you'd like to stay accountable you can book in for classes via the GYMCATCH app. Click the button below to get started.

Can I bring my kids to class?

if you have young kids, make sure to check out our Cubz classes which run every Wednesday, perfect for kids aged 2-6 years old! We have an adult class that runs straight after, so you can all have a fun morning moving and grooving!

Kids are welcome to join in our adult classes if accompanied by an adult. Please be aware that we use some music with explicit language (night classes only). If kids are joining in a BURN! class they should do so without using dumbbells for safety reasons.

Do you give low impact options?

GETLOW is a low impact workout by The Jungle Body, which is perfect for anyone who'd prefer not to jump and get down on the floor.

I give plenty of options in our higher-intensity classes too, ensuring you feel comfortable and safe.

Please list any injuries or medical conditions when registering and take any modifications you need to.

Can I still bring my kids to CUBZ if they are outside the age range?


You are more than welcome to try a CUBZ class, even if your kids fall outside the 2-6 year old bracket. This is just a guide. 

Some children may struggle to stay attentive for the whole program and some kids may be too mature for the music & movements.

However, most of the children who come to class LOVE it!

I offer a discount for siblings too: $10 for one child and $5 for each extra sibling.

I'm worried my kids won't 'cooperate' during class...

Trust me, as a mum myself, I get it. I have one child who will copy my every move, and another who lies down the entire time...but when we get home she does all the moves and says how much she enjoys it.

CUBZ is super casual and fuss-free. If your child takes a while to warm up, that's fine! I'm always amazed at how much they soak in just by watching - they'll still be learning even if it seems like they're not.

Do you run over the school holidays?


Our classes run year-round, with a short break over Christmas and January.

These workouts are my me-time - I run them for my mental health and wellbeing just as much as yours. On the odd occassion I am away or sick and unable to get a class filled I will post an update on our socials, so make sure you're following us on Instagram and Facebook so as not to miss out on important news (and more importantly, special events!)

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